Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization that connects you to your customers

Your digital presence should be optimized for both your audience and for the search engines. As your SEO service partner, we enable you to utilize user-centric marketing strategies without sacrificing technical compatibility.

Link building is an extremely important part of earning supreme rankings – but it must be done naturally to avoid penalization. Our SEO company approaches link building by taking the time to ensure that credible and authoritative resources want to link to you, consequently providing optimum SEO services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Links seen as “unnatural” in Google’s eyes can do some serious damage to your website’s rankings. If you think unnatural back links are causing your rankings to drop, or you’d just like to ensure that you’re in the clear, we’ll analyze the links pointing to your website, and take action as necessary.


Whether you run all your operations online or have several physical stores, local SEO is extremely essential to gain and retain customers. When a user performs a search on the Internet, search engines, particularly Google, shows results based on geographic location. You risk not showing up or being listed way down with very little or non-existent local SEO.

One of the ways to rank higher on search engines is link building. This must be done in a way that it appears natural, otherwise you risk penalization. We perform research into your industry and only link to authoritative sources that ensure credibility of information. If your site has links that are ‘unnatural’, Google will mark it low on the ratings! If you want to ensure this isn’t the case with your site or worry that some of the backlinks are unnatural, we can help analyze and resolve this problem for you.


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