User Experience and User Interface
Designs are the core of our
digital solutions. Our goal
is to simplify complex
technologies, making them
more approachable for brands.
This way they can curate channels
that elevate their digital experiences,
offering end-customer convenience of
functionality and creativity of aesthetics.
We aim high and use our design
capabilities to support overarching
ROI goals while simultaneously
giving your brand the support
transformative change.

Estimates and Design Briefs

A brief is essentially the road map that will help us carve out the details of the blueprint ahead. Before we begin the design process, we create a brief and provide you an estimate based on the scope of the project to ensure we are all working towards the same goals.

At step 1, you receive:
An initial project brief

Understanding the End-User Profile – Conducting Research

Our research reports will contain market data that describes your end-user, their preferences, behaviors, etc. through qualitative and quantitative research. Our research team collaborates with both end-users and your team, going out if we need to. This is where we make sure your products are marketable and profitable.

At step 2, you receive:
Research report
User personas with survey data

Creating Storyboards through Story-Modeling

Post-it notes, scribbles, and ongoing discussions, we go the whole nine yards to build a storyboard that explains user scenarios and the functionality of the product. Mapping the story this way allows us to focus on each aspect of the design, user interface, product details, etc. for building a minimally viable product.

At step 3, you receive:
User scenarios
Story-maps and user stories
A product backlog


It would be an understatement to say that we love research. Each creative mind in our team approaches their projects by first learning what they are up against in the industry. Then we one-up your brand by seeking unique ways to set your value proposition apart.

At step 4, you receive:
A competition map
A roadmap for the final design

Creating FIRST Digital Experience

This is where the Tenddo team puts their head together along with your input to create low-fidelity designs that can be easily translated to UI and UX layouts. This step also involves thorough testing to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of your product.

At step 5, you receive:
A clickable prototype

Integrating Branding Design into the User Interface

Branding in a low-fidelity design will add visual identity to the end product along with other particulars about iOS and Android platforms, taking a personalized spin on the user interface. We also test the prototype at this stage to perfect the design.

At step 6, you receive:
Prototypes and mock-ups of the end product

Aligning Design & Development

Coherence and consistency between design and technology are necessary for the strategic integration of digital products. At this stage, design specs will be passed on to the development team so they can do their technical magic so you release only the best version of the product.

At step 7, you receive:
Design specs
Visual guidelines and assets

Looking Ahead at Scalable

We support the long-term scalability of our design products, integrating reusable user interface UI design elements that will sustain consistency in all future experiences. This allows the product to remain consistently frictionless, facilitating effectiveness updates.

At step 8, you receive:
Reusable UI assets
Design Guidelines