How Important Is Packaging Design for Your Brand?

  • Monica Rivera 09-15-2020 Read time (4 min)

How Important Is Packaging Design for Your Brand?

Many brands are so focused on the specifics of the product they’re launching that they end up neglecting its packaging design. This is a grave error as your product’s packaging significantly affects how existing and potential customers view your brand. It’s an effective marketing tool that can make or break your sales.

Do you need to invest in a packaging design service? Here’s why it’s a good idea.

It Attracts Buyers

When customers are walking down the aisles at a store or browsing through an online catalog, it’s a product’s packaging and design that first catches their attention. The packaging design is what piques their interest in the product and compels them to inspect it further. You can have a fantastic product up for grabs, but if customers aren’t tempted by the packaging design, they’ll most likely not notice it unless they were especially shopping for that very product.

The packaging and design are what create your brand’s first impressions for your buyers. Research shows that customers typically spend 10–13 seconds on a product before making a purchasing decision. Everything from the color palette and font to the print design and the final packaging touches count. The more attractive and compelling your design strategy is, the more likely people are to buy it.

It Differentiates Your Product from Your Competitors

Product packaging also helps your brand stand out from its competition. This is especially important if your product is going to be placed next to a bunch of competitor products, be it in an online catalog or a retail store’s shelves. And let’s not forget the unboxing trends adopted by social media influencers that not only emphasize a product’s packaging and design but also entice viewers. You want to make sure that your packaging is eye-catching enough to stand out and have an edge over your competitor products.

This is where you need to be innovative. Go for unique and creative designs that elevate your product altogether.

It Creates Brand Recognition

The best brands aren’t the ones that have been around the longest. They’re the ones who’ve been the most memorable largely due to their marketing strategies and product packaging and design.

Take Coca Cola for instance. The beverage brand has been in the industry for several decades. Their bestselling product has more or less remained unchanged. What has evolved over the years is their packaging style. The red color and the unmistakable logo have remained constant, even when the product packaging underwent minor changes. And yet, a Coca Cola bottle or can from 20 years ago would look different from the one available today. Coke has stayed true to its original look, cementing its brand identity in the process.

This is what strong product packaging and design can do for your brand. It helps create a unique identity that stays memorable even after several years.

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