5 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Hire a UX Designer

  • Paul McConnell 12-15-2020 Read time (5 min)

5 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Hire a UX Designer

Are you part of the tech world? Or planning to emerge in this rapidly evolving digital space?

Word on the street is that UX designers are the hottest commodities in the industry right now. With an estimated turnover rate of a whopping 23.3 %― this revelation is hardly surprising.

And most savvy businessmen are ready to hire experienced UX designers for their new projects. In fact, even fresh graduates are given equal attention in this forum.

That’s because these designers know the right way to take your products from conceptualization to reality.

The best part is that they are able to do this without creating any gaps between the product and your customer’s demands.

So it’s basically a win-win-win situation for everyone at the firm!

But before we begin to list all the amazing benefits of a UX designer has to offer. We better brush up your understanding of the term and the job it entails.

Without further ado, let’s enlighten you about the world of new-age tech and all it has to offer for your company.

The Basics: Who Are UX Designers?

For starters, UXD stands for user experience design. The UX designers are hence responsible for developing a product/service that puts your customer’s experience on the centre stage. Their job is to enhance your products in a way that appeases your customer’s user journey.

They do this by creating a checklist of sorts for the design.

The key features of every UXD product are:

  • Usability: Is the product user-friendly? Your apps/websites/products may use all the best technology and most advanced solutions in the world. But they won’t be a worth a single penny if the customers can’t use them. That is why the main concern for every UX designer is to create something that merges usability with the latest technologies.
  • Accessibility: Is the product accessible? You might have selected a particular target audience for your latest product. But the million dollar question is if the design is actually useful and accessible to them. This area focuses on building digital products/content that can be operated by a collection of people (including members of the community that are differently able). Doing so widens your reach in the public.
  • Entertainment: Are the products/services fun? The millennials and anyone living in the screen inclined world has a short attention span. That’s why UX designs have to put the ‘fun’ in functional in order to instill an interest in the products.

All three things require a deep rooted knowledge of the technical set up, researching skills that pick up the intricate details of a buyer’s needs and a creative flair that produces a promising product. This is something only an experienced UX designer can offer.

Now let’s look at how their role in development plays to your advantage.

The Reasons: Why Should You Hire a UX Designer?

Here are all the wonderful benefits a UX designer has to offer:

1. Perfection via Prototypes

UX designers plan out their work in a series of a cycle.

They start off by learning about the target audience and the project at hand. They use that data to develop a prototype and then test it out.

The results acquired in the third step them helps them formulate a better product. This process might go through a ‘rinse and repeat’ ritual until and unless the product doesn’t reach a satisfactory conclusion.

This little process helps them develop designs that are functional. These builders don’t just build something and call it a day. Rather they ensure that every little brick or rather code/feature placed in the project has a use in the bigger frame.

They are quite methodical about the process and it is this diligence that helps boost your success rate. That’s because you always end up with a product that actually delivers.

2. Problem Solvers

Has your website been getting low traffic recently? Do the customers complain of a loading error?

All of these are but minute errors in the grand scale of things. Yet, a good UX designer will rectify any kind of mistake. That’s because the designers are well aware of the fact that even the tiniest misstep could cause the design to tumble.

This is why they try to solve the problem as soon as it is identified.

Moreover, the UX designers are known to be attuned with the user’s predicament. That is why they are the ones who quickly spot an error in the code. From shopping cart abandonment to troubleshooting software― these guys know how to recognize what’s troubling the customer.

In other terms, UX designers thrive on challenge. They are trained to overcome obstacles that might be hindering your product’s positive reception. And the best part is that they don’t use strict courses to resolve the issue.

Rather they are prone to thinking outside the box so that you receive a customized solution instead of a generic one.

3. Insights on User Stories

Let’s admit. Your business won’t prosper if you don’t nail those user stories and user journeys. This is why your company needs to hire individuals that know what’s needed to be done. You want someone leading the ship according to the customer’s perspective.

That’s why you really need one or two UX designers aboard.

Here are some of the major contributions UX designers make to the user story:

  • Identifying the Target Audience: The UX designers are known to create personas that help them think like the buyer. This identification includes gender, age, race, buyer’s interests and sometimes locations.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Instead of thinking like the maker, the designers work according to the needs of the user. They try to create programs/products that are readable, understandable and easy to navigate when used by an average citizen.
  • Spokesperson for the Customer: UX designers are by default regarded as the mouthpiece for the customers. The rest of the team bounces off ideas with them in order to create something that’ll meet a positive reaction from the customer base.

In short, the designers ensure that the manufacturers know how people outside the company will react to the product. They are also the go-to resource that helps the company modify and adapt the content according to the user’s needs.

4. Optimize Process and Reduce Budget

Do you feel that the design team has been spending more than you can spare?

Admittedly, designing software and crafting new programs is an expensive task. People tend to think that it’s all guesswork and computer games.

But real executives know that lots of time and money go into building the final product.

When you invest in a UX designer you automatically save up on human resources, precious time and money.

How? Well, for starters, the UX designer is the fountain of information when it comes to producing user-specific content.

This research and analytical input help the design team to streamline their work. That is because don’t build things on sheer assumptions. Rather they have tangible sources to lay down the foundations of a prototype.

Then UD designer’s trial and error strategies via prototyping help create a final product that is worth the investment. Moreover, wireframing, user-testing and other processes also cut down the budget.

Plus, all these factors minimize the financial strain on the company by reducing the number of revisions or complaints that come their way due to a botched effort.

Hence, with a UX designer on the team, you’ll have an anchor that supports the development program while being considerate to the time and budget constraints.

5. Better Business

There is an age-old saying that says a ‘customer is always right’. This usually results in the company overcompensating for their mistakes. But with a UX designer already on the team, you get to use this saying in a different manner.

This means that you start off the process looking for customer satisfaction instead of monetary gain.

Incidentally, this philosophy helps your business boom. As consumers prefer to invest in technological solutions that actually understand their needs. The presence of a UX designer offers them with that comfort and trust.

Plus, the ease-of-use, accessibility and fun elements make the products better. So you end up getting a high-quality product for a lesser investment.

So when you weigh in all these factors, you begin to realize just how important a UX designer is for your business. Not only does the designer helps you boost your revenues and multiply the bottom line. But they also improve your reputation and popularity in the industry.

Let’s Sum It Up

On the whole, UX designers work as the secret weapon for your development team. Their expertise, knowledge and skills help your company to touch base with all major points in a customer’s journey.

Namely, features like accessibility, usability and entertainment. But at the same time, the designers ensure that you also get to reap in some profits.

Thus, all these benefits prove the fact that hiring a UX designer is a win-win-win situation for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Get your team a UX designer today!