4 Amazing Social Media Practices You Need to Practice to Boost SEO

  • Sarah Johnson 08-25-2022 Read time (4 min)

4 Amazing Social Media Practices You Need to Practice to Boost SEO

We live in a world that revolves around our social media platforms. You receive more news from social media about latest business openings, product launches, and service and product reviews. As a business owner, you need to drive traffic to your business using your social media accounts as the stage.

To ensure your business receives exposure online, you need to use social media practices to boost your SEO. Yes, those two are closely connected. You want your efforts at social media marketing to show, not hide in the shadows of your competitors doing what you are not. If you want to step up your SEO game, you need to use the following social media practices:

1.    The Quickest Way to Direct Users Your Way is through Inbound Links

Through social media posts on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter, you need to promote your website by sharing links of blog posts, products, or services. Try to connect your social media posts with your business even if you are saying something general as “Happy Holidays!” If you are offering a discount during the holidays, add a link to your business. Link building can boost your SEO.

2.    The More People Share Your Posts, the More Exposure Your Business Receives

You want to encourage users to share your posts with their friends. The link you shared in your post will reach several other people. You can give them an incentive to share your posts. For instance, you may have seen how businesses hold contests and free giveaways where they tell their followers to like and share their post. Gradually, your business will grow in popularity and your followers will increase.

3.    The More Followers You Have, the Greater Your Chances Are to Show Up on Google

When you have several followers, likes, and shares, Google, the popular search engine, is more likely to recognize your site and display it at the top of search results. You will have to build a large following first on all your social media platforms, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

To gain followers, you need to post relevant and interesting articles that users are likely to share on social media. More importantly, you need to engage with your followers. If they leave a feedback or ask a question, reply to it.

Given, you cannot to each and every comment, but you can try to reply to the reviews you receive about your product on Facebook, if not comments left on your posts. When someone privately messages you on Facebook, be sure to reply within an hour. Facebook shows how responsive a business is and customers always appreciate quick responses.

4.    The Use of Keywords in Your Posts Will Increase Your SEO Rank

You need to optimize your social media posts with high-ranking keywords. When users search a certain keyword, your social media post will come up in the search results. For this work, you need to post regularly. Use strong anchor text in your social media post and make all of our posts detailed with relevant and specific information about your product. In addition to this, you need to add hashtags, not one, but several, in your posts. Doing so makes your posts easily recognizable, promotes fast searches, and increases visibility.

*Bonus Tip:  One of the most effective ways to increase your business’s popularity is by sharing your posts on different social media platforms and by participating in local events. You can sponsor an event for instance. The event’s main page on Facebook for instance will share information about your company. Find out what events are on the horizon and see if you can take part in it in anyway.

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