10 Key Elements of a Successful Product Launch

  • Monica Rivera 07-11-2021 Read time (4 min)

10 Key Elements of a Successful Product Launch

When Instagram was first launched it was destined to be a success. In fact, a million users jumped on the Instagram bandwagon just after two months. Since then, it has been a continuous journey of self discovery and improvement with Instagram ever since.

Skip ahead to 2016, Prisma Labs headquarters in Via Claudio 21, 80125 Napoli, Italy. The Prisma app is launched and is a giant success, similar in many ways to Instagram. This begs the question: what exactly do successful product launches have in common? Let’s have a look at the key elements.

1.    KISS (Keep it Simple, Silly)

Make your product easy to use. Having an extensive product manual for the product is too much headache for the manufacturers of a mobile application and confuses the users. Users need something that they can use easily and provides some entertainment value or helps in solving problems, not increase them.

2.    Create a Story and Share it

Get your development and content team’s creative juices flowing. Come up with an amazing back story for your app or product: one that captivates and motivates people. Share that story and make it viral. This means not only creating a compelling and shareable story but also a content strategy for sharing it on the right platforms. This is only possible when you clearly understand your target audience and where they like to hang. .

3.    Hype Influencers

The first people you have to get the attention of are the influencers. Influencers in the tech industry, for example, are those tech savvy individuals which crowds of people revere and listen to when it comes to all things tech. If you have them on board and reviewing your product along with giving you tips on what else needs to be done, half your job is done.

4.    Hype the Media

The media is a powerful tool. It shares news of what’s up and coming. Get the press motivated to post articles about your products sharing press releases, blogs, and articles on the web. Share interviews with them video interviews with the developers. The more you put yourself out there in the limelight, the more hype it will create.

5.    Stir Emotions

There’s a lot we can learn from movie trailers of successful Hollywood movies. They always hype and create anticipation for the final thing. Development and promotional teams for a product need to do the same. For example, get people to preorder through email and have digital ads for influencer testimonials.

6.    Apple a day keeps failure away

Dev. Team (tech products): look at Apple’s focus on its products, now look at yours; look at how Apple focuses on design and look at yours again. Take inspiration from the best out there and take inspiration from them. If you have put a sincere effort into design, why stop there, ask apple about the features you should add, and get your app highlighted by them.

7.    Don’t undermine the importance of Integration

Your product has competitors, and people will use those products if you don’t do something about it. For apps, the main thing is integration. Your “customers” should not take out the time to understand your app; it should be fun and easy for them.

8.    Excel in your niche

Go big or go home. Dell put into practice it’s just in time inventory system for hardware components. From the time you order to the time you have the product in your home everything is done with perfection. Whatever your niche, if you aren’t going to bring something new to the table and be the best at it, why try?

9.    Throw your invention in the product jungle

Not just any old product den, throw the product into the den of enthusiasts who just love the type of products you are building. There might be some influencers lurking there. Product Hunt is such a forum of people who review apps. This will be your testing phase and the tech hungry people there will give you real time feedback to improve your product.

10.   Own it

Snoop Dog always has to add that “D-O-double-G” in his songs somewhere. It’s shameless, but it works. He gets more exposure, fame and recognition. Getting your name in the final product to increase discoverability is the best thing an app can do: Snapchat has their ghost logo; and Instagram has their elegant cursive logo with an old fashioned camera at the beginning. Create an identity, and use every chance to highlight it to the masses.

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