The Position: Senior Visual Designer

Tenddo in search of senior visual designers that have a vision of their own with advanced skills in user experience, visual design, user interface, and client-side technologies. They will be responsible for being hands-on in each project, providing guidance and direction to junior designers along with a cross-functional team responsible for design implementation into technology frameworks.

We seek the expertise of visual designers that are leaders, having championed how to navigate their way through complex project requirements that involve creating interactive experiences. They will be responsible for overseeing the development of creative solutions for applications, web interfaces, and software.

The Senior Visual Designer will be responsible for guiding and working hands-on with a multi-disciplinary team, which includes Program Managers and Design Engineers. They will be responsible for giving the team direction from ideation to the implementation of designs.

Strong visual design acumen along with expansive knowledge in user interface, client-side technologies, and user experience, will be critical for generating positive results under their leadership.

Pushing the state-of-the-art benchmarks with every project, our Senior Visual Designers will develop the following with integration of behavior and emotions along with ease-of-use:

  • Innovative navigation systems
  • Interface designs
  • Typography
  • Screen layouts for software, application, web sites, and other interactive media

The Contribution:

As a part of the Tenddo team, the Senior Visual Designer will be contributing their mastery over developing and deploying design solutions that will be utilized to further support software experience creation and user products and service innovation.

Unwavering support and focus for the project, teamwork, attention to client needs, and end-users benefit. These are the ingredients required for achieving success within this role. A proactive communicator, meticulous, and adaptive Senior Visual Designer will also:

  • Work in collaboration with designers, design technologists, and engineers
  • Work closely with the Creative Director to ensure client expectations for the project are exceeded
  • Maintain strong quality standards at each step along with project progress
  • Diversify their and Tenddo’s portfolio by working on projects from across industry verticals and locations
  • Create design guidelines and digital brand manuals
  • Recognize and utilize storytelling opportunities for each project
  • Direct designers, video makers, photographers, illustrators to deliver unique project narratives
  • Collaborate with design engineers, development experts, and experience analysts to ensure:
    • The feasibility of visual concepts
    • The fidelity of the final result
    • Design specifications are implemented correctly
    • Participation in bug tracking, bug fixing, and UI QA
  • Guide and lead junior designers
  • Take evolving challenges head-on and encourage innovative thinking

You Are:

A leader with aspirations of influencing a team of like-minded and creatively-driven individuals with expertise and overarching capabilities of developing user experiences and consumer products.

In seek of a platform and people that provide you with the platform and opportunity to evolve and grow within your specialties. You are looking for an environment where you can tap into your innovative creativity, expanding beyond the norms of your job description.

Qualified candidates should possess:

  • Experience of 7+ years designing visual language systems for digital products and services
  • A wildly creative and innovative imagination
  • Meticulousness
  • An understanding of human behavior and how it relates to design
  • Design talents that demonstrate the stylistic breadth and diverse applicability from product interaction to software tools and beyond
  • Information design abilities
  • Fastidious production and optimization capabilities
  • Impeccable and effective problem-solving skills
  • Skills related to relevant design software
  • Practical understanding of the benefits and limitations of internet technologies
  • Knowledge of how comps translate to code
  • Habits of being meticulously adherent to client needs
  • A penchant for continuous learning
  • A realistically positive attitude

They should also be:

  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent communicators
  • Open-minded
  • Adaptable to change and evolving project demands
  • Able to thrive in multidisciplinary teams
  • Able to work on complex requirements and short deadlines

Qualified candidates must present an online portfolio that:

  • Is apparent of their skills and passion for digital product development
  • Demonstrates expertise in diverse content and subject matter
  • Proves their level of skill in transforming high-level ideas into unique visual styles, taking them in unique directions

Tenddo is committed to creating an inclusive employee experience for all. Regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or if you’re parenting the next generation of innovators, we firmly believe that our work is at its best when everyone feels free to be their most authentic self.


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