The Position: Senior Experience Designer

The Senior Experience Designers at Tenddo are individuals in possession of strong leadership qualities that lead the experience design team, curating solutions that drive individual interaction with the product or service. The Senior Experience Designer will also be responsible for directing product or service development from the research phase to the development of information architecture and systemic design. Specialty and advanced skills in the development of site maps, user flows, sketches, wireframes, navigation models, etc. are essential. Their goal is facilitating the deployment of digital, physical, or environmental experiences through strong modulation.

As the Senior Experience Designer, you will be placed at the frontline of the experience design team but still required to be hands-on throughout project development. You will be executing designs, providing the clients with an improved and evolving point of view of the User Experience.

In addition to analyzing and understanding the client’s needs, the Senior Experience Designer should also be able to perceive and communicate the user’s emotional desires related to the user experience. Their expertise will be the voice of expertise through all levels of the client’s organization.

The Contribution:

As the Senior Experience Designer at Tenddo, you will be required to:

  • Plan, develop models for, and then carry out analytical research of:
    • User behavior
    • User requirements
    • The tasks involved in the project
    • Conceptual modeling
    • Information architecture design
    • Interaction design
    • Usability testing
  • Provide hands-on contribution to the development of information architecture, micro-interactions, and user interfaces using the forms of requirements discovery such as the following:
    • Participatory and iterative design techniques
    • Observational studies
    • Customer interviews
    • Usability testing
    • Competitive audits
    • Market research
  • Use insights to develop user personas, customer journey maps, product or service experience blueprints, storyboards, scenarios, wireframes, prototypes, and/or design specifications as per the client’s requirements and vision
  • Communicate relevant research findings, conceptual ideas, and design rationale and scope to both internal and client teams through verbal presentation and plan execution
  • Lead the management and tracking of the design process while driving decisions, identifying and mitigating issues, and creating resource need estimations and schedules
  • Work in collaboration with the strategy and design teams at Tenddo, ensuring client and project requirements are all met in full
  • Contribute and work with an interdisciplinary team, which includes other designers, project managers, business and brand strategists, and hardware and software developers
  • Establish a collaborative working relationship with all levels of the client organization.

You Are:

An industry professional with strong strategic and business development inclinations looking for a platform and team that provides you with the opportunity to evolve and grow within your specialties. You thrive in a fast-paced and evolving environment and are looking for one where you can tap into your innovative creativity, expanding beyond the norms of your job description.

Qualified candidates should possess:

  • Minimum 5 years of user experience and expertise in creating user-centered design and experiences
  • A Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction, computer sciences, or a related design or behavioral science discipline is required
  • Expansive aptitude including a working understanding of the capabilities and limitations of Web & software technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Advanced skills in design and prototyping tools such as:
    • AdobeCC
    • Sketch
    • InVision
    • Pixate
    • Framer
  • The ability and readiness to adapt to the changing demands of fast-paced technology development within the industry
  • Systemic thinking capabilities along with being well-versed in interaction design principles and methodology, in particular to their application in Web-based solutions and consumer electronics
  • Jedi skills in project and people management
  • Strong leadership capabilities along with the readiness to contribute to the project at any stage
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • A strong and evolving understanding of changing human emotions and delivering experience designs based on it

Tenddo is committed to creating an inclusive employee experience for all. Regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or if you’re parenting the next generation of innovators, we firmly believe that our work is at its best when everyone feels free to be their most authentic self.


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