Design Engineer

The Position: Design Engineer

To enhance our team’s capability of delivering projects the push the boundaries of creativity and user experience, Tenddo is looking for a Design Engineer. One part a futurist and the other, a pragmatist, the Designer should be well-versed in the intricacies of front-end web User Interface layer designs and development.

The Design Engineer role is critical as it bridges the gap between creative design, design engineering, and software architecture development. They will be adding their front-end web development skills along with technical insights and proven creative design engineering strategies to ensure the successful delivery of projects that exceed client expectations.

The Contribution 

As a Tenddo team member, you will contribute your key skills and knowledge to facilitate the delivery of creative and modern user experiences for software and other UI products on various platforms. These include:

  • As a Design Engineer, your role will require hands-on involvement in the following within the creative design process:
    • Platform research and experimentation
    • Concept exploration
    • Prototyping
    • Ideation
  • Continuous discovery, identification, and analysis of present and future User Experience (UX) technologies and emerging trends
  • Actively investigate and experiment with new technologies, networks, and platforms to pursue more efficient design operations
  • Work with technology enablers to discover and capitalize on opportunities UX innovation and differentiation presents for businesses
  • Develop and express design assets in various forms for design validation and the software engineering process:
    • User experience simulations
    • Interactive prototypes
    • Technical proof-of-concepts
  • Production quality web UI/presentation layer components and templates

The candidate should also contribute their subject matter expertise in various domains including UI/presentation layer software architecture recommendations. Additionally, they should also be well-versed in associated best practices and design integration support to support the intended end-user experience.

You Are:

A leader with aspirations of influencing a team of like-minded and creatively-driven individuals with expertise and overarching capabilities of developing user experiences and consumer products.

In seek of a platform and people that provide you with the platform and opportunity to evolve and grow within your specialties. You are looking for an environment where you can tap into your innovative creativity, expanding beyond the norms of your job description.

Qualified candidates should possess:

  • Comprehensive experience in the design and development of user interfaces, UX concepts, web sites and applications on a variety of platforms and frameworks, using various methodologies
  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, science, or a creative discipline
  • Advanced skills in:
    • Web Standards (HTML5, CSS3 [transitions, animations, behaviors])
    • CSS Compilation (LESS, SASS, Stylus)
    • Digital media (HTML5 Audio & Video, Flash, WebRTC)
    • JavaScript (core and frameworks/libraries such as jQuery)
    • Cross-browser UI issues and solutions
    • Exporting and translating raster and vector assets into web-usable components
  • Competency in:
    • Mobile web applications (jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch)
    • XHR and Web Services (REST, POX, JSON)
    • Additional presentation-layer libraries and frameworks
  • Working aptitude in:
    • JavaScript MV* frameworks (Ember, Backbone, Angular, Knockout)
    • Server technologies (Node.js, PHP, R+R, ASP.NET)
    • CMS (SharePoint, Sitecore, WordPress, Drupal)

Qualified Candidates Should Also Possess:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that support diverse multidisciplinary teams; from product or service owners and stakeholders to create visual and interaction designers, software architects and engineers, and operational support groups
  • Acute sensibilities for being meticulous when translating designs, maintaining compliance with high code quality standards
  • Exceptional written and verbal communications skills as they will be delivering document, presentations, and structures working sessions to personnel across the organizational hierarchy
  • The ability to develop accurate project scope and task estimates
  • Availability to travel between 10% and 20% for engagements in support of new business development, program launches, working sessions

The ideal Design Engineer candidate should also have a portfolio consisting of successful UI releases. They should also be able to demonstrate their eagerness in discovering visual and interaction design technologies and best practices.

Tenddo is committed to creating an inclusive employee experience for all. Regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or if you’re parenting the next generation of innovators, we firmly believe that our work is at its best when everyone feels free to be their most authentic self.


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