Blog | October 9, 2019

Bootstrap Has Several Advantages! So Why Aren’t You Using It?

Bootstrap Advantages
Bootstrap Advantages

Bootstrap or a front-end framework is a faster and easier method used by web developers to design websites. The front-end framework comes with a free set of tools, includes CSS and HTML templates, and enables the creation of responsive web designs.

Some of the common components in Bootstrap include tables, navigations, buttons, forms, modals, typography, JavaScript extensions, and more. Bootstrap gained popularity with web developers when the use of smart phone and handheld devices to search, interact, and communicate with people and businesses became common.

The integrations of the Bootstrap framework make websites and applications responsible across a diverse number of devices. If you are not using the Bootstrap or are unsure if you should use it develop your website, the following advantages should convince you to use the front-end framework:

Difficulty Level:  Easy

The frustrating feeling you get when using a new framework is a feeling you will not get when using Bootstrap. Bootstrap is easy to use and you can use it with LESS, SASS, and CSS.

Speed Level:  Fast

Do you want to set up your website quickly? With Bootstrap, you can! Bootstrap allows you to get your website up under a few hours. The front-end framework gives users  ready-made coding blocks, which allow them to get their website or application up and running quickly. Now, you can combine cross browser compatibility and CSS Less functionality with Bootstrap’s coding blocks to save time. No more coding from scratch! That is not all! Bootstrap also provides users with ready-made themes.

Responsive Level:  High

You want to extend your reach by tapping the market of smart phone and handheld device users. You will need to incorporate a responsive web design to ensure your site display correctly across all technological devices. Bootstrap allows you to create a responsive web design easily with its readymade classes, which allow you to identify several different markers in the grid structure.

You can select how many spots in the structure you would like the different columns to engage in, thus giving you control over the position you would like each column to load in, vertically on desktop and horizontally on mobile devices.

Customizable Options:  Many

You can customize Bootstrap according to your website’s design. You can either select certain aspects of they want to keep and remove from the layout. Bootstrap offers you several different options such as adding code, tables, input groups, tooltips, dropdowns, modals, popovers, and more. You can choose from Common CSS and JavaScript elements and from basis and responsive utilities.

JavaScript Elements:  Several

Bootstrap gives you several JavaScript elements such as modal windows, alerts, tooltips, and more. If you do not want to incorporate writing scripts into your design, leave it out.

Grid Utilization:  Twelve

Bootstrap can utilize a responsive twelve column grid into the design. The grid combines flawlessly with both nested and offset components. You can make changes to the grid either in a secured mode or in a responsive mode.

Consistency Level:  Yes

Bootstrap is popular amongst web developers due to the consistency it provides across all pages of the website and application.

Bootstrap has become one of the most commonly used frameworks by users to make their website and application more responsive.


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