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6 Tips to Improve Your Website’s User-Experience (UX)

web design san francisco bay area
web design san francisco bay area

In this day and age of digital technology, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your website is your ultimate marketing tool—the 24/7 salesman of your business.

Just like a movie or a book, your website’s goal should also be to provide value to the users: to enhance the user’s experience.

As a business, you want to engage your target audience.

User experience or (UX), in digital terms, includes all of the elements that make a website easier to access, faster and more efficient—and that’s the key to engagement.

Here are some tips to help you enhance your website’s user-experience:

Make It Responsive

More and more users are now using mobile phones to access the internet. Studies reveal that over 60% of general data consumption, especially search engine browsing, is done through mobile devices.

A website’s design is the first and chief factor that determines whether or not a visitor is there to stay and browse further, or simply leave.

A user will judge your website through how usable its design is. This includes whether or not it accommodates the text and image size to the screen, whether it has a clear mobile menu, and several other things related to responsive web.

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It is very important that you make your website mobile-friendly. Not only will it enhance your users’ experience, it will also go down well with Google’s search engine particularities.

Increase Page Loading Times

Nothing is more frustrating to the user than a website that is slow. Whether they are at a restaurant or at a friend’s place, your website’s visitors need to find things on-the-go. Even a streaming video, which by an unsaid internet law takes the most time, has to be as fast as possible. In short, either a user gets their data within a few seconds, or they are gone for good.

Google’s Page Speed tools can help you analyze your website’s performance. It also provides guidelines on how to enhance your website’s speed.

Use Bullet Points to Good Effect

Readability—that is what you need to focus on, especially when your website’s content is primarily consisted of straight-up facts and lengthy details. Using bullets breaks down the seemingly tough content. This practice makes it easier to present information. From listing all your services to highlighting the features of a product, you can use bullet points to make your content stand out.

What’s more, there are incredible icons that can help you get creative with your bullet points. You can ask for customization’s from your web designer; they can create various divided layouts, from tabs to tables, for you to present your content in a creatively interesting style.

Use Images of Real People

Consumers are smarter today than they were yesterday. This is the age of consumerism. Content is king, and this king’s garb included the multitude of photographs you will be using in your articles and blog postings.

Your online audience can easily pick out non-personal stock photos from genuine images of real people.

For instance, you can have images of your employees working. No matter how ordinary that looks, it will portray you as genuine. If you are addressing families in your website, then get actual photographs of families in your respective area, and use that. This is a compelling way to convince your target audience of your authenticity; it shows a human element, the people behind the brand.

Make Your Headings Creative

Titles, headings, sub-headings, all must have magnetism. Make sure you make your headings catchy and attractive. Bring in your A game with writing and designing. Compelling, authentic, and honest content is what people look for. Don’t dismiss the use of wit and sarcasm where it can have the most effect. People appreciate satire and comedy amongst the throng of same-old headings.

Also make sure you’re breaking the content down into chunks—these are easy to read. Refrain from clutter and text-y formats.

Keep Your Website Consistent

From heading sizes to fonts and colors, the entire layout of your website should have one consistent theme. For a positive user experience, your website must look like a coherent piece – a story that makes sense.

Moreover, make sure to establish brand recognition. Ask a few people what brand comes to their mind when they think of the colors “red and yellow”?

Most answers you get will state “McDonalds”; the international food franchise makes great use of those two colors everywhere, from billboards to online media content.

The point is that you have to make sure your website is consistent, not just with its internal elements, but external marketing factors too. Have a color theme at hand when getting design services for your website; you want to be memorable to your online users.

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