Blog | March 4, 2018

Is Responsive Design an SEO Ranking Factor? Let’s Find Out!

website design in san francisco
website design in san francisco

Google has stated time and time again that it rather likes responsive website design. This has us thinking, ‘Do responsive sites also get a boost in SERPs?’

Here’s an interesting statistic from Google itself:  “…more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US” (Source). If Google is placing so much importance on mobile users and mobile search, the “Mobilegeddon” update isn’t far away.

There is no denying the fact that success with SEO is one and the same with having a thriving mobile presence.

Responsive Design: What Is It Exactly?

In simplest terms, when you say your website is “responsive”, it means that it adapts to the screen size of any device.

The increasing use of tablets and smartphone has made this practice more crucial than ever. Over 60% of online data consumption is now done through mobile applications.

Users want a website that minimizes the need to scroll, zoom and move the content around. In other words, they want a website that automatically responds to the particularities of a mobile browser.

In addition to general web surfing, smart phone owners are increasingly using their mobiles for Google searches. And Google likes it. It wants websites and online businesses to entice their customers to use their mobile more. It rewards businesses who offer beautiful websites that are perfect usable on mobile as well.

Webmasters who want their websites to rank higher in search results are listening to Google. They are now creating responsive websites that look amazing across all devices and platforms.

Responsive web design leads to websites that are created using a fluid approach. Your web designer employs proportion-based grids as well as a number of CSS style rules to create completely unique user experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

This isn’t a drastic change. Responsive web does not actually require managing a plethora of codes, if you are worried about the extensive time for taking your website to the next level. While appearances are customized to the device, the HTML and URL structure remains the same. A website with responsive design shrinks or expands according to screen size of the device you are using to view it. The HTML elements—text size, images, videos—are “scaled” according to the size of the device.

responsive web design

No Secret: Google Loves Responsive Design

Google is the divine being, the Search God that we are trying to impress. A beautiful website with responsive design is the only offering it requires. Google loves it when you listen to its recommendations and implement them word for word. It only wants you to create a single, responsive site that it can crawl and index quickly.

Speed Up The User Experience (UX)

Another significant benefit of responsive web is speed. Websites which are optimized to the device load faster than websites which are generalized for all physical communication mediums. Not only does this make your website more user friendly, but Google actually favors websites which load quickly.

Cut The Need For Duplication

Creating a separate website for mobile, an old and unnecessary practice, is actually still adopted by businesses who have not yet explored the wondrous world of “responsive” web.

The problem is that this essentially duplicates your website, and you end up plagiarizing your content against your own content! Before you ask for web designing services, make sure to go for experts who include responsive web design in their web marketing menu.

What Else?

Here is the thing: according to surveys, 94% of online users make a first impression of a website based on its design. It is not enough to get users to pay attention to your website on a list of search engine results; to truly make your website useful in promoting your business, you need to make them stay.

If the user decides that website is too much of an inconvenience on their mobile/ tablet/ laptop, they will not go any further than your homepage.

Getting the Responsive Design You Need

You are running a business. If you want to ensure the success of your business online, having a website isn’t enough anymore. It has to be a beautiful website that looks great, performs well, is easy to navigate for visitors, and easy to index for Google spiders.

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