Blog | June 20, 2017

Consider These Tips while Hiring a Web Designing Agency for Your Next Website

Hiring a Web Designing Agency
Hiring a Web Designing Agency

According to the Entrepreneur, just 46 Percent of All Small Businesses in the United States Had an Online Presence

The top three reasons businesses gave for not having a website was —  not relevant to their industry, the cost of hiring a web designing agency, and the use of social media profiles. What they forget is how most users use search engines to read up on businesses before they decide to make a purchase. If they do not appear in the search results, lead generation, customer acquisition, information distribution, marketing campaigns, and branding all will be a no-go.

We Know Businesses Understand the Importance of Having a Website so What is Stopping Them from Hiring a Web Designing Agency to Create One for Them?

They are afraid of investing in a fraudulent web designing agency, one that promises them they would build a great website that would draw customers to their business, only to leave them high and dry. To escape being a victim of an inexperienced and fraudulent web designing company, you need to consider the following tips when hiring a web designing agency:

Experience Counts

You should go with a web designing agency with years of experience in various aspects of designing such as having knowledge about different content management systems such as WordPress, raw HTML, HubSpot, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, and more. If you are unsure on the type of Content Management System (CMS) you should use, you need to find an agency that can advise you.

To suggest a CMS requires a thorough understanding of your business, your objectives, and your industry. The only way an agency can help discern an efficient CMS platform for your business is if they possess the experience and the expertise to make a profitable suggestion. Here’s what we want you to do:

  • Ask them to show you websites they have designed of businesses similar to yours
  • Verify if they have knowledge of ecommerce hosting such as online payment options
  • Ask them to provide you with a portfolio of their past work
  • Review at least three of their projects to see if the quality, style, and level of work complements your brand

Rate Their Skill Level based on Their Own Website

If a web designing agency’s website is below par, that’s a red flag. One of the ways most web designing agencies convince potential clients to choose them over others is by offering them a glimpse of what they can do for them through the design of their own website.

In your search for credible web designing agencies, you can eliminate agencies based on how their website looks. Apart from their websites, visit their social media profiles, review their applications, if any, and see videos, pictures, and GIFs. Remember, your research must be through.

Arrange a Meeting

You can arrange a meeting with the web designing agency to meet either in person or over video conferencing. The purpose of the meeting is not only to get to know the agency better, but to test their communication skills. When it comes to communicating with the client, some agencies fall short. This leads to misunderstanding and frustration on your part.

This also does not reflect well on the final product. Therefore, you need to hire a web designing agency that understands your objectives and outlines a business proposal. By talking to them, you will have a slight idea on whether you should go with them or not. Ask yourself after the meeting, “What does my gut say?”


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