Blog | May 24, 2017

Responsive Web Design – A Profitable Investment

Responsive Web Design, Web Development
Responsive Web Design, Web Development

If your website is not responsive, you’re chasing visitors away. The growing usage of portable devices has made it necessary to formulate a design, which can be viewed easily on every device. For instance, if your eCommerce website looks different when accessed from a Smartphone compared to a PC, you are leaving money on the table. Web visitors will almost immediately leave a website when viewed on a mobile phone if the site isn’t optimized to view correctly in the screen. Your web visitors don’t want to to pinch and zoom. They just want the content to be easily visible with ease.

Responsive web design offers viewers an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Over the years, this brought a huge change in the web designing industry because the developers do not have to work on two versions of a website. One version is enough for mobile as well as PC. Moreover, the image remains unaffected no matter what the size of the screen. For developing e-Commerce sites, Magento and PrestaShop are the most popular platforms to create flexible responsive online stores. The fluid grid helps developers to comprehend the user experience.

A recent survey predicted that by the end of 2017, mobile internet accessibility would surpass traditional surfing techniques, which were from PC or laptops. So, if you have not upgraded your website to a responsive theme,  get ready to lose visibility in the online market. Moreover, if you want to upgrade some structure, you must work on one website rather than wasting time and money on two different versions of the same website. Even Google has endorsed responsive web design for its configuration as it makes indexing easy. So, save time and money; getting visibility in the search engines is now easy with this design.

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