Blog | February 14, 2017

5 Reasons Your “About Me” Is Not Working AND What You Need To Do About It

website design, about page, website traffic, website builder, about page design, about us
website design, about page, website traffic, website builder, about page design, about us

First Impressions are generally the last ones. When someone visits your page you need to be sure you are making the right impression in front of them. If your page takes more than two seconds to load, you’ve already disappointed 47% of your visitors. Three seconds, and 40% of your potential customers bounce and go elsewhere. However, if your website clears this hurdle, your content is next. And for the first-time visitors, it’s often the content on your About page.

The “About” page is what today’s smart customer looks at, whether it is a business or an individual. Even though, those keywords you had so thoroughly researched may have led potential customers to your site, they can only do so much. Keywords don’t build trust, or establish your authority. If customers can’t find that element of trust when they visit, they will not use your service, no matter what you are selling.

Here are some of the reasons that your About Me page is not doing its job.

1.    It’s not there

You have it all, the products, the influencers, the blogs, the content, (and you think you have) the popularity with customers. But trust is the main issue here. Building trust is the first way to gain a customer, if they don’t trust you they will go to someone who they can. Introduce yourself as a company in just a few words; and those words will serve as a reminder to your customers.

2.    Can’t find it

Make your About Us page easy to find. If the navigation to the about page is difficult visitors will only get frustrated. Your visitors are cautious researchers, researching to ensure they are working with a real person and organization. The About Us page needs to be available at the top of the web page so that it can be accessed easily. You do not need to muck up the title or backlink the about page with crazy terminology which will confuse the visitor.

3.    Saving it for last

Usually it’s a good thing to save the best for last but not when it high priority. Whenever you choose to add the about page, think: “Are the new visitors going to be inspired by this page to work with me?” “Does it establish my credentials as an authority? As a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced professional?” “Will it convince them to employ my services or buy my products?”

You have done all the necessary leg work to get your business running, why not reflect it with charisma and style with a stellar about page?

4.    Keep the About Page Clean and Simple

Don’t use over-bearing terminologies from your industry that people will not relate to. Your SEO will push you to use more jargon. Fight it. Keep your language simple so anyone can digest it. Think from the perspective of the consumer and make changes to the words accordingly. Something that relates to them in a way that it captures their emotions and tugs at the customers’ heart is much better than having a page cluttered with your list of products displayed front and center on the page.

5.    About us Videos

While you may think that the About Page is a place where you can be creative, you should exercise restraint. Avoid going overboard with sounds and visuals that tell your visitor nothing about you or your products. The about page is about answering the questions a visitor may have about your company. So get it done with style, like a video and a few words rather than cause discomfort to the viewers who are not ready for that yet.

In conclusion, try to design your about us pages in such a way that helps you captivate customers and answer pressing questions. Tell them the story of how you began, invoking emotions and trust in the process.

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