Blog | January 4, 2017

Are you a Start-up? What should you do garner attention?


As a startup business, you need to make a name for yourself out there. Remember all those countless hours you put in to get your business up and running? Well, it’s time to make some noise. Let it be known that you are an up and coming business in whichever industry you have entered and are a force to be reckoned with.

Here’s how you do that.

1.   Flaunt your “X”

Can you do something better than others in the same field? If you can handle tough clients and have excellent persuasion skills, then you can attract more customers through your knack for sales (the ‘X’ factor). You are bound to get recognition for your efforts if it truly pans out the way you had thought. People talk and news spreads and you’d better believe that people would be talking about you after you flaunt this particular X.

2.   Email Marketing

This is an age old tactic that continues to have great impact. Email marketing done periodically and just right is known to give you the best return on investment. If you over-market through email, people will treat your emails like spam. They won’t even bother to look at what you have to say. Do it seldom; and people won’t even know your business exists. A good Email marketing strategy is that of newsletters.

3.   Blogging to inform, educate and entertain

If you are consistent in your blogs and present information in an insightful, collective and entertaining manner, you will gain a loyal “fan base”. If you put just a minimum amount of inbound links in just the right places, then you will loyal customers from your intended target audience. If the information you give out is very useful to the visitors of your website, it can make people anticipate your blogs and even opt for your services. Remember to write for quality and not just the sake of it. Outsource if you absolutely have to so that they can help you boost your rankings. Using the right keywords, structure and titles feeds the bots and crawlers who, in turn, index and determine your rank on top search engines.

4.   Sharing is Caring

Continuing from the last point, if you make your content shareable and allow people to share it to their various social media accounts, you can generate organic traffic that is from your target audience. Also, if you have someone who is already writing for your exact needs or someone who is your inspiration or source, be sure to give them their due credit. Get them to guest post for you. People are sure to know that you are passionate and are up to date with what is happening in your industry. They may even choose to buy your products and opt for your services.

5.   Go the pseudo traditional route

In other words, web based advertising. Spend money on ads through LinkedIn, Facebook paid marketing etc. and get people to promote your business in their videos and articles (affiliate marketing). Get designed posters and web ads and get the right mix of colors and imagery to make your ad stand out from the crowd. It’s easy to get into a downwards spiral when spending on online ads, so make sure you do realistic evaluations about your ad budget, and get a high ROI when you do. Get in touch with the influencers who have a say in the way things are done in the industry to get tons of workable advice. They can put out a good word for you and provide a platform for you to establish a foothold and brand name in the industry.

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