Blog | January 12, 2017

4 Essential Mobile Optimizations you can make in 2017

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mobile optimization, mobile optimization software, mobile optimization tools, mobile optimization tips, mobile optimization SEO, mobile optimization for websites

Since everyone is on mobile phones these days, if you’re not optimizing your content for mobile, your business and potential clients are as good as gone. Growing and developing business have to integrate their websites for mobile devices and optimize for them as well. Making content personalized and relevant is the most important thing to digital marketers nowadays. Analyzing Big Data crumbs picked up from different sites and apps help marketers of the future create detailed and extensive profiles of potential customers, and connect with them every chance they get.


Here are some of the Optimizations that are allowing creative marketers to reach a larger number of people in their target market.

1.   The rule of Thumb

Most smart phones today are designed in a way that people find it most comfortable to use it through their thumbs while using their palms to have a firm grip on the phone itself. This is a factor that marketers need to keep in their mind when designing mobile ads, so that there is a large enough surface area that the user can press the ad and be redirected to the site. A responsive site may just be your best hand forward to potential consumers. Not allowing large enough icons on the mobile page may cause the users to have a bad experience and never return. If they get redirected to and from pages a lot without intending to, they will get frustrated and leave. Make sure the web design is responsive for smartphone users. Keep ads minimalistic in nature because the users will not be able to see minute details in the ads, your ad needs to get the message across without beating around the bush. Less is more when it comes to mobile ads. Use A/B tests to see if your layout is working for you, and where you need to make changes, if elements are left out or not used, they may need to be removed.

2.   Let’s get Personal

Going personal makes your content more engaging. Look at Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or other sites and the way they interact with users. They tend to name the person and adopt a more humanistic approach like telling the weather or informing about the notifications. Using big data will become relevant here, so start collecting it by getting opt-ins into newsletters.

Do make a note of the target market demographics and the audience that you already have under your banner. Use the data that you collect to shape your marketing strategy in the best way possible. Focus on long term gains and once you start using the big data you collect, you will be able to make the content that you want for individual users. It will also help you build a presence in the existing market once you finally take off with effective strategies for mobile optimization.

3.   Automate the Process

As a business you would want to save the time that you get. Automating the interactions you have with the audience without affecting the human element of the communication and marketing process is essential. Tools designed for creating marketing campaigns and apps that send notifications automatically and automate message interactions are available so make use of them. One such tool is Adobe Campaign. You can work on more pressing issues with your team if the content and ads are automated to the maximum extent possible.

4.   Target Audience and Market

Target the geographic location of your target audience by using geo-location. Use the locations to offer relevant deals and discounts on your products and services like car deals and insurance policies or the services of an attorney or even discounted shopping items that the user is interested in. Attracting the local people who are in your target market is great because it will be convenient for them and advantageous for you as you can push your services and products to them for satisfying their needs.

Behavioral data and habits can also be tracked (Big Data), by using the relevant tools for them. People who may have been missed and decided to leave can be redirected to your website if they see something that is of their interest through an ad such as a guitar being offered at a discounted price to a musician through a local E-commerce site.


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