Blog | October 2, 2016

Why Your Website Doesn’t Attract Potential Customers?

attract client
attract client

You are doing everything in your power to draw customers to your website. No matter what strings you pull and what buttons you press, you aren’t able to attract customers to your website.

What is it that you are doing wrong?

– A question you have gotten accustomed to asking yourself daily.

Your website is unable to generate any site traffic because when it comes to making first impressions, your website is failing miserably. Is there a way not to fail? Of course, there are several ways to attract potential customers to your website, but you will find the most important ones here. Here are some ways to attract potential customers to your business:

You Are Targeting the Wrong Audience

One of the most common reasons why you are having a difficult time converting your customers into paying customers is because you do not even know who is finding your site in the first place. To dig deeper and investigate this issue, you need to turn to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics does all the dirty work for you. It collects all the important data about the frequent visitors to your website. Through Google Analytics, you will be able to find out what content on your website appeals to people, what website send you the most traffic, and what pages are causing visitors to leave in a hurry. Second, you need to optimize your website for keywords that will increase your chances of showing up more in the search results. Get those SERPS up!

You Are Campaigning All Wrong

You are running campaigns all over the internet, but little to no effect. The campaigns you are running are generating site traffic, but the kind that comes and goes without buying anything. Not only are you not generating the right kind of traffic, but you are also losing a lot of money.

If you want to get a return on your investment, you need to analyze the online marketing campaigns you are running to see if the type of traffic they are generating. Eliminate advertising campaigns that are not working and create advertising campaigns centered on what your target audience will want to click.

You Are Running an Outdated Website Interface

Could potential customers be exiting your website because you are using an outdated website interface? For instance, the use of sliders with too many calls to action can turn away customers from your website. If you do not have a clear call to action on your website, this is another problem.

If your visitors cannot navigate your website, they will leave. Ask a person to open your website and try to visit every page within three seconds before pressing the back button. If your website is easy to understand, they will be able to navigate to all the pages easily.

If it is taking them time, you have a problem! Some other tips you can use when revamping the design of your website is to remove any picture that takes over the screen. If there is content below the picture, give them indicators to let them know.

More importantly, stay away from a flat design. A flat design blends all the features on the page together, thus causing confusion. Instead, use a three-dimensional design that incorporates light, cast shadows, and material. Doing so improves user experience significantly, especially on mobile and handheld devices.

You Are Unable to Make Updates to Your Website Easily

Are you using a static design that requires a developer to code and update your website’s content? If so, this could be a reason of why you are unable to generate any traffic. Outdated contents kill your efforts at optimizing your website for SEO.

Why? The search engine bots do not recognize your website because it doesn’t have any new content to recognize and result in your search engine rankings taking a nosedive. While you are it, fix any broken links and images.

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