Blog | October 8, 2016

How Many Personalities Does Your Brand Need on Its Dream Team? — FIVE

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We all got the first taste of working together in groups at school. However, we did not always get along with our group members, especially when the teacher made the groups. When the group members did not get along, the project took a hit and so did our grades. In the real world, the responsibility of making the dream team falls on the project lead.

Unlike the teacher, they cannot risk putting a group of people together at random. For them, it is a meticulous decision, taken after putting much thought into it. By putting personalities that clash on almost everything, they risk losing clients and money.

Prevent the DISASTER by Identifying Personalities that Bring Ideas to the Table!

1.    The Thinkers

Thinkers are always overflowing with ideas. Their ability to think out of the box makes them one of the biggest assets of the team. They like to express themselves through their ideas. Give them two unrelated concepts and ask them to connect them. They will connect the two concepts to give you an innovative idea, one you never thought was impossible. If you want someone to give you several ideas on top of their head, you need a thinker on your dream team.

2.    The Strategists

You have the idea and now, you need a strategist to execute it. Strategists are hardworking, talented and intelligent people. Their undeterred focus makes them a critical part of the team. Their sole aim is to succeed no matter how difficult the road ahead is, which is why you need a strategist on your dream team.

3.    The Communicators

Do you want to sell your idea to a prospective client? You will need the communicators to convey the idea to the client and sell it! If you client want to sell their product to their customer for instance, the communicator will know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling a client’s product to their target audience.

Their ability to make a sale is due to their high confidence level and their positive attitude when tackling projects. When you require a better understanding of your brand’s customer base, the communicator is the one you need to turn to because they know exactly what sells and what does not. That is why; you need them to become part of your dream team.

4.    The Givers

Givers keep in giving! They will be the one your turn to when you have a problem that needs solved or a request that needs to be fulfilled. They put the needs of the clients, the brand, and their team members first. In fact, they are last to leave and the first to arrive. Their dedication to the team and the company speaks volumes. You definitely need the giver on your dream team.

5.    The Mediators

The mediators have one of the most important roles in the dream team. Without them, the dream team would fall apart. They will keep the thinker, the strategist, the communicator, and the giver on the same page throughout the project. They excel at project management. With them as part of the team, no one will be left out of the loop! You need the mediator to be part of your dream team.

Guess what? You do not need to create a dream team to sell your brand because we already have an impressive group of people on our dream team to assist you in making your brand a hit!


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