Blog | September 20, 2016

How to Resurrect Your Dead Website

Tenddo Team working on website project
Tenddo Team working on website project

If you hear crickets whenever you write a new piece of content for your website, you’ve got a big problem. I know what it feels like because it’s happened to me more than I would care to admit. So many entrepreneurs trying to develop an online audience are frustrated with the same issue.

To make things worse, you’re most likely getting sick to your stomach by hearing stories of other individuals turning their whole business around just by blogging. That’s terrific for them, and it’s inspiring, however that doesn’t help much when you’re working your butt off producing material that no one’s reading.

If you really want to identify the issue in your lifeless site, here are a couple of things to think about fixing before surrendering and purchasing Yellow Pages advertisements:

Your site is a creepy turn-off

Your site makes an impression, good or bad, on potential customers or readers. If your website is turning people off, your bounce rate will go through the roof. Exactly what am I suggesting? What could possibly scare your visitors away? Well, I’m talking about low resolution videos, cheesy stock photos, or really old Windows 98 icons.

Your website is the central hub of all of your online marketing. Think of it as your business in the digital realm. Would you let your real business get that bad? No, due to the fact that clients would begin talking and your company would drop off the map. Don’t do that to your website visitors either.

Website development tools like WordPress make it simple, and budget-friendly to have a fantastic looking website. Do yourself a favor and find some WordPress tutorials, or find somebody who can help you get going with WordPress.

You probably aren’t blogging enough

So, possibly you have a good site, and you’re feeling great due to the fact that you included a blog for your readers. You’re putting out one brand-new article a month. Great job, that’s fantastic. But it’s not going to work.

In case you have not already seen it, here’s a stat for you, courtesy of HubSpot. Companies that published 16+ post per month got about 4.5 times more leads than companies that published in between 0-4 regular monthly posts.

That may hurt to hear, however it’s the hard truth.

If you’re going to be blogging, you have to be consistent and frequent. You can create less posts if you desire, say, one a month, however it’s going to have to be one massive post in order for it to make up for less volume. John James at John James Media is a huge supporter of high freqency blogging. If you’re going to be spending a good amount of time blogging, it’s better for your readers and the search engines to drip feed your content consistently rather than bulk posting. Posting 5 articles over the course of 2 weeks is going to yield better results compared to posting 5 articles all on the same day.

What if you just don’t have the time to write the necessary volume of articles you need? Hire somebody. Blogging is an investment into your business. Create a content budget, find a ghostwriter, and put your content creation on auto pilot.

You have not spent sufficient time promoting your content

Here’s a guideline to think about next time you’re complaining about nobody visiting your site. You ought to invest roughly two times as much time promoting your material as you spent producing it. So if you just spend eight hours developing an in-depth, step-by-step post with screenshots, video and graphics, you need to invest 16 hours promoting that piece.

Start by making a list of 100-200 influencers in your market. This needs to be people or companies who would be interested in sharing short articles like yours with their audience. Keep in mind, you wish to target people who would have an interest in sharing it, not individuals who are just interested in the subject. That means anybody who could be a rival of yours is not going on this list.

If it’s excellent, they’ll share it or link to it on their own website. Don’t be sleazy and ask for a backlink.

You can conserve time discovering influencers to reach out to using BuzzSumo. This is a great program that can spit out some of the top influencers who have actually shared a comparable post to yours, then you’ll have to do some investigative work to discover each influencer’s e-mail address.

You can also utilize a site like to find sites that have actually linked to content comparable to yours, and reach out to them. This strategy is not easy, but it’s worth it.

Your blog is a place to connect with your audience. Not sell to them.

Nobody cares about how terrific your company is. They do not even appreciate the fantastic features and benefits your product/service provides. They will at some be ready to hear your sales pitch, but your blog is not the place for it.

Your blog site needs to focus on one main objective, responding to concerns. Whether they’re concerns you’ve really been asked by customers prior, or concerns you think customers could or would ask, you’re objective should be to address every question you can possibly imagine. Do that, and you’ll have sufficient topics to write about.

You’re not as active on social networks as you ought to be

Stop thinking that you’re going to turn off people on social networks because you post too much. You can and should be publishing numerous times a day. As long as you’re not actually re-posting the same content over and over, you’ll be fine.

For Facebook, 2 times daily is affordable before likes and remarks begin to drop off considerably, according to an article on Buffer. Twitter is an amazing and powerful platform to share your content but it requires real interaction on your part. If you tweet and leave, you’re wasting time because twitter, while very powerful, is very crowded. You need to be active and tweet throughout the day. Utilize a service like Onlywire to drip feed your posts on a schedule. It’s an amazing piece of software helping to leverage your resources and time.

Facebook Advertising

You must spend some time understanding a bit about targeting your Facebook advertisements if you want to see genuine results. It’s easy to do easy advertisements, it just requires time to discover who your audience is exactly and ways to target them in the Power Editor. Here’s a fantastic resource to assist you discover Facebook Ads.

Do not give up

Don’t let the reality that no one’s coming to your website get you down. If you have a look around at some of the most effective content marketing strategies, you’ll see that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s going to take constant work over time if you desire to create traffic to your site. Compose, publish, promote like insane, repeat. Assuming your content technique is well-planned, do that process for three to six months and you’re almost ensured to see the needle move.

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