Blog | May 1, 2016

Splash Humor and Fun to Your Web Design

design for website
design for website

Designers are artists of 21st century where computers are the canvas and software is the accessory for painting.Therefore, the design you have to develop has to be engaging and impactful. For instance, almost every website has some common pages like home, about us, contact – as a designer your job is to add element to these pages and make them different.

Here are some of the ideas that you can follow to create an uncommon design for website.

  • Let’s start from the common pages point that has been already mentioned. Home page is one of the most important pages as this is usually the landing page for most of the websites. If the visitor is satisfied with the content and information, he or she moves to the ‘About Us’ section to know about the company, before clicking the ‘Service’ page/s. Hence, you need to rise from the usual standard level and make these pages memorable as well as interesting. Even, there is nothing wrong to add fun features in the design; so long it justifies the company moral. Your aim is to make the website go above the ordinary level.
  • Often companies prefer to add a 404 Error page in order to retain customers. Other than that, if a company decides to pull down a page for maintenance, a 404 Error page is inserted to take the visitor to some other page. Rather than putting up a boring and frustrated white page with the error content, why not design something that can convert the frustration to fun? For instance, you add humorous, frustration-diffusing message and link it to some of the related pages of the website.
  • Every website has a ‘Search’ section. Now, if you follow the typical Google search, they create Doodle to make the search section funny as well as interesting at times. They even create hoaxes to entertain the users, like if you write “do a barrel roll” and search, the entire page take a full clockwise roll and comes back to same place. However, the access to the service is never compromised. You can even add such a fun element to the design without interfering with the purpose of the site.

Every web design company at Bay Area or anywhere else need to understand that techniques of designing have to be interactive and clever, if you want the website to rank. So, take a break from the boring designs and make way to smart and witty styles.

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