Blog | March 4, 2016

SEO: The New World of Marketing

social media
social media

Although many might argue that the integration of cell phones and computers in today’s society has led people towards isolation and reduced social interaction, but there is no doubt that the world today is more connected than ever. An infinite universe of knowledge is always just a few clicks away. Since, it is one of the most used commodities, webmasters came up with a brilliant marketing strategy for businesses and individuals.

For the longest time, we have relied on print advertisements, bill boards and television advertisements for marketing purposes. Not only were these methods costly, but they always catered a specific group of people. However, Search Engine Optimization, or commonly just referred to as SEO, introduced a new world of marketing that could not only be free of cost but much more effective than other modes.

SEO is a process where the online visibility of a particular website is increased by using cross links, keywords, HTML coding and various other methods. Ever wondered how search results are ranked on numerous search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Websites that generate the most traffic and have adapted the most effective search engine optimization techniques are usually the ones that appear on top of results.

SEO is an internet marketing strategy whereby everyone gets the chance to promote their business, products or profiles without incurring any costs. In the past, web professionals even developed manipulation strategies such as filling bogus content with keywords on different websites just to reach a higher number in search results. However, search engine companies have devised complex algorithms that detect such manipulations and penalize organizations that try to do so.

Whenever we are looking for some information or product over the internet, we usually visit the websites that are suggested on the first or second page of search results. Any websites beyond are skipped even though they might contain better information for us. A number of new e-commerce businesses are opening everyday that heavily rely on SEO. It has given small and home run businesses the opportunity to widely market their products and services. Although one might pay Yahoo, Google or Bing to appear in the top results, it does not qualify as SEO

With the number of users growing on websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the popularity of hash tags increases. Hash tags allow posts of your pictures, videos, documents, articles or any other information to be easily located by other people. In other words, they are a discovery tool and all we desire for our businesses, companies, activities, etc, is to be discovered. They could be considered as an emerging SEO technique.

In the present era, websites are essential for almost all businesses. And in order to make the most efficient use of the internet, it is recommended that you hire an SEO expert if you have plans of conducting a business online. All it requires is relevant content, good performance, authenticity and a good user experience. The impact of good quality can never be matched by stuffing keywords. Remember, that it is a forward path. You may start off slowly but your acceleration only increases with the number of users that visit your website.

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