Blog | March 26, 2016

Designing Website with Dark Colors

page web design
page web design

Have you ever wondered why most of the web designs are light in color? Well, the reason is readability. If your users are unable to read the information, developing the website becomes meaningless. But there is no hard and fast rule to the color of your design because you can even use dark shades as well. It is a fact that dark background can prove to be more memorable with your audience.

However, implementing dark design is a challenge. You need to be more careful otherwise, the website would be a disaster impacting the usability or performance. Here are some of the points you need to remember while creating dark web design.

The effective use of white space is essential for websites with dark backgrounds. Usually, these websites are heavy in nature due to the design. Do not clutter it with excessive text or images as that make the design more crowded. You should not use too many colors. Black design can never look dull if you have chosen proper layout. However, the shades you choose must make the dark website attractive. The color scheme should complement each other.

Reflection works best when the background of your website is dark. If your website has lots of images, then use this effect. It acts as a contrast, highlighting the images on the page and giving a pleasing appeal to the viewers. Usually, light and dark colors are applied for the purpose.

It does not matter whether you have hired a San Francisco web design company or designer from some any other state, make it sure that the text in the design is readable. The font should not be fancy ones and the color must not blend with the dark design. In case you have decided to use dark font, place an outline to make the text visible to the eyes. But if you want to use more dark background, try to use minimal graphics and text.


If you are smart enough to blend the colors in right proportion, then there are plenty of ways to work on your dark design, which can make the website more engaging

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