Blog | February 9, 2016

The Importance of a Website in your Online Marketing strategy

online marketing
online marketing

With the number of brands that are working online to maintain a strong presence within the minds of customers it is easy for any start-up to be overwhelmed. This stiff competition however is exactly why start-ups need o develop an online marketing strategy before they step foot into the social media world. There have been a few too many examples of brands trying to haphazardly enter the online world and failing miserably at it. This is simply because their approach to the situation is wrong.

One good way of making sure that your online marketing strategy is up to par is by hiring design specialists who can help build your brands personality online and help raise it from the ground up.

Create a Website

Many start-ups neglect designing a website in lieu of a social media page. While having a social media presence is crucial, it is still not an alternative to creating a website. In order to create a full internet presence you need to make sure that all your bases are covered and a website is the very first one. With the many Content management systems out there, making it easy to create your own site without knowing code. Although it is a budget friendly idea, it is important to think of what you are losing out on uniqueness when it comes to design.

The primary purpose of your design strategy should be to stand apart from the burgeoning number of sites on the market. Rest assured that you are not the first person to have this idea. You may think that you have found the perfect template to represent your business, but so many others will probably have the same template. Hire a designer to make the perfect website for you. Convey what you want from the design and they will find away to best project it.

Be Responsive

Responsive web design is the way to go these days. Responsive design basically means that the content that you have on your website will be easily displayed and readable on other mobile devices which may have varying screens. The ability of the components of your website to resize and adjust relative to each other is what makes your website responsive.

The main aim of creating a website is to make sure that you convert users into buyers. Marketing has seen a giant shift towards mobile as their operating systems become more robust. Users have come to expect experiences similar to that of the desktop. This is why it I important to focus on functionality, user experience, design and content. Though these elements your website should be able to achieve an increase in visitors page view sales, conversion rates, unique views and organic growth.

Wrap it up!

Your website can be viewed as the mother ship that all other internet presences must be redirected to. Users go to websites in order to receive additional information about a product that they may not find in social media. Make sure that you provide it along with a clear pathway to making purchases.


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