Blog | November 16, 2015

Exclusive Trends in Web Design

responsive web design
responsive web design

A web designer needs to draw inspiration because creativity requires experiences and in-depth understanding. Apart from visiting thousand of websites to know its intricacies, the designer or the developer has to keep oneself updated to the ongoing trends and changes, which are about to enter the web design world.

However, it is also a fact that design trends come and go, especially when the market is so competitive. So, it is useless to stick only to one pattern as that would weigh you down.  Here are some of the ongoing trends of 2014, which has dominated all the year around.

Existing Trends

Flat UI has an over-empowering presence in the web world in this year. The combination of smooth colors with simplicity brought a new spree in the web world. Apple has even introduced this design on their latest iOS 7, whereas Microsoft has been developing Metro UI for years. The popularity of this design would grow more in the coming era.

Mobile version of websites would perish with the coming of the responsive web design. News websites can be accessed through portable devices and developers do not have to create a separate version any more. More than 55% of Internet usages are done through mobiles devices. Hence, responsive web design promises more traffic and exposure.

It’s time to say goodbye to the text heavy websites because people prefer visual media more than spending time by reading the entire page. Video or image content has become an important part of web designing. Today, websites are integrated with text as well as visual elements, which leave a deeper impact on the viewers for its story telling ability.

Typography has remained a very favorite element for the designers and it keeps on evolving with time. However, the new notion of branded typography has filled the market. This is a new trend, giving businesses more personal and branded fonts, to get their message across.

Clinging on to the old trends would be futile. So, go with the change and make your website standout from the crowd with Tenddo Inc. 

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