Blog | April 21, 2015

Why hire a web designer when there are web builders out there like Squarespace, Wix and Weebly?

Web Design, Tenddo, Sqaurespace, Wix, Weebly
Web Design, Tenddo, Sqaurespace, Wix, Weebly

Automatic website builders have gained a lot of popularity among the masses because they offer a simpler and quicker way of not only getting a website up and running. They also offer various templates that people have an option to choose from and make edits within that. These templates have basic and relatively simple points of parity like a good design, easy accessibility, allow the user the ability to add content to a predesigned template, and create landing pages, etc.

But if one needs a customized solution for their digital needs which they can monitor and have customized using the brainpower of a development team, then hiring web designers becomes important. This brings us to one of the most debated questions in recent web design history: why hire a web designer when these DIY builders are available?

It all depends on what you need from your website

Do you need a predesigned website or something more complex and having to deal with the big (“bad”) data on your customers? If you are a business, you need to have a website designed to meet your needs of content management, analytics and monitoring and retention of leads. This allows you to get a better picture of how the website is contributing to your business. The website is a tool for the growth of your business. For that you need superior design, with an interface that is both interactive and easy to use, a cutting edge design, branding elements, layout and so much more.

A predesigned website from Wix and Weebly probably won’t cut it for that. WordPress might work for a regularly updated blog but that’s just because it’s a content management system. For fully functioning Ecommerce and business websites you need to see what web designing companies you will hire to achieve your desired results.

All your design and functionality needs in one

When you hire a web designer you can have the flexibility and freedom for to design your website or functionality as per your changing (or current) business needs. You can choose to have a web agency which understands your needs and requirements and can design the perfect website for you. You simply cannot find the kind of flexibility and customization in a Weebly, Wix or Squarespace site.

A good web designing Agency has a team of knowledgeable experts and a portfolio of clients which they have worked for, previously. It’s up to you to research their credentials. You can even consult those clients for their experience with the web designing agency. It becomes easy to review their work when you go through the clients’ websites. The agency reviews on websites can also lend a hand in tipping your balance in favor or against hiring them.


The work of a graffiti artist and a DIY painting is not the same, because a graffiti artist knows his art form versus an amateur

With a web builder, you are mostly on your own. You will still have to hire a developer or designer to work with you on the backend code when you need custom features. Hiring a web designer also gives you the advantage of getting to know how good their work and reputation is. You can contact their previous clients and ask about their experiences and how hiring the services of the web designers has helped them generate business. You can review the progress of your website as it is being made and how many customers and leads, visitors and revenue you are generating.

There is no doubt that a web designer is better when you need more than just a website for a blog, but an outpost that attracts, engages, qualifies and converts prospects.

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